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Human connectivity, for everyone making today and tomorrow happen. That’s what our end-to-end technology solutions provide your people. Enabling connection and collaboration with colleagues and customers. Building teams, partnerships, relationships. Supporting your organisation to be secure, productive, even extraordinary.

Our Milestone


Established as Eco Next Technologies


Established as Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd.


Pilot Project for FTTH Allo at Jasin


Awarded as Digi Panel Contractor


- Awarded as Celcom Panel Contractor
- 3rd Winner for Authorised Distributor for City Broadband (Allo)


- Appoint for MARA (GM) for trainer provider
- 2nd Winner for Authorized Distributorfor City Broadband (Allo)

Premium Partners

Our business connects with global brand across Malaysia. Check out our premium partners!

A Trusted Businesss Partner

Join hands and work together with us to create a world without boundary!

About Us

We are committed to give you the best solution to connect you with the world. For enquiries, drop us a message and we will get in touch with you soon.
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