Khairi bin Apandi

Khairi bin Apandi is the Project Director and Business Development and also a co-owner of the Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Graduated from NIOSH in Civil construction, upon graduated from he started his career as Telecommunication Installer (TI) at Dprominent Integrated Sdn Bhd for nearly 4 years. His expertise includes upgrading and maintaining client's current telecommunications systems, running routine tests on telecommunications systems to ensure that all components are functioning at optimal levels and investigating and resolving customers' complaints in a timely manner.

In July 2008, he has been offered as a Site Engineer at Instacom Construction Sdn. Bhd. His task was very crucial in the company as Malaysia have been upgrading from 2G to 3G. He then continues to embark on his career journey by been appointed from the higher management to lead a new department which involves of Maxis High Speed Broadband Access (HSBB) for 6 years. His responsibilities include review the project plans, accountable for the victory and failure of the project and controlling work execution while wave rolling planning projects, analysing new constraints and requirements, compressing time and costs.

In October 2014, he pursues his carrier by forming a new company with his partner, Muhammad Hazwan bin Saari and founded Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd. With Khairi bin Apandi as Project Director and Business Development, Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd. has achieved an unprecedented year of success by bringing more client to the company. He also believes what matters most in the company is to give full dedication towards company clientele expectation, continue to motivate and coach his staff towards company goals and vision and continue to become a successful Bumiputera contractors in Malaysia.
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