Telecommunication (Infrastructure)

For decades, the cellular telephone system has continually grown in adoption and has evolved from simple calling and messaging to an enabling technology for universal wireless connectivity. The pervasive use of mobile devices has increased the need for cell towers, radios and other equipment to add bandwidth for greater use of microwave and cellular devices.

At Eco Next Technologies, we provide solutions to overcome the limitations of traditional copper cable communications networks. We serve to meet the growing demand for telecommunication tower infrastructure. From building telecommunication tower to lease, we also provide maintenance network expertise.

Telecommunication (Fibre Works)

The amount of data we consume is increasing every day. The demand for additional bandwidth is nearly insatiable. Having a fast and reliable delivery of information is imperative. At Eco Next Technologies, we provide the best fibre works service whether in FTTP (Fibre To The Premise) or FTTH (Fibre To The Home). We specialised in designing OSP (Outside Plant) network with highly skilled labour in civil, splicing and cabling works.

At this point, Eco Next Technologies successfully delivered 22000 home passes across Malaysia. We will continue to deliver more home pass to Malaysian residence to ensure every house in Malaysia equipped with the latest wireless internet fibre technology to cater their everyday needs.

Telecommunication (Home Connect)

From building network infrastructure to maintenance, we also provide home users with super-fast internet connectivity services. Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is one of the top contractors for notable internet service provider (ISP) and retail service provider (RSP) in Malaysia. We cater wireless internet installations across West and East Malaysia with more than 3000 successful installations recorded yearly. Our team is proven to be competent in this industry with more than 5 years’ experience in home connect wireless internet installations.

Our services include fibre drop cable installation from Fibre Distribution Panel (FDP) to premise, testing and commissioning installed devices to make sure they function correctly and produce the expected results and maintain excellent customer services
Home Connect

Telecommunication (Authorized Dealer)

Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd is the partner to quite a few big telecommunication and technologies companies in Malaysia. We obtained the trustee to be an authorized dealer which obtained direct permission to market and sell their product through the online or offline platform. We are mainly focussing on promoting Home Fibre internet to many customers and guiding the community towards understanding the home WiFi advancement in Malaysia.
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